Saito FG-40 Four-Stroke Petrol Engine

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Product Description

Saito's latest development in their FG range of Four-Stroke Petrol engines. The FG-40 is a 40.2cc petrol engine.

The Saito FG-40 is supplied with a CE approved electronic ignition system and a purpose made aluminium engine mount. The carburettor employs a diaphragm pump for reliable fuel feed in any attitude - even the wildest of 3D stunts! This also means that it is not sensitive to the position of the fuel tank, which allows the tank to be positioned to maximise the CG position. You can use forecourt quality petrol mixed in a ratio of 20-30:1 petrol to oil.


Bore: ø40.0mm
Stroke: 32.0mm
Stroke Volume: 40.2cc
Weight: Approx 1,260g | Muffler - 85g | Engine Mount - 260g | Ignition System - 110g
Practical Speed: Approx - 1,700 ~ 8,000RPM (Recommended high speed on ground: 7,500 ~ 8,000RPM)
Recommended Prop: 19 x 10" ~ 21" x 10"
Fuel: Gasoline : Oil = 20:1 (Volume Ratio)
Fuel Flow: Approx. 30cc/min (at full throttle, approx 8,000RPM), Fuel flow varies depending upon propeller load. More fuel flow with larger load and less fuel flow smaller (In actual flight, fuel flow somewhat increases).


FG-40 dimensions
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