Oil Recommendations for Saito Gas Engines

SAITO Gas engine users around the world! We would like to ask you to use proper quality oil at the proper mixture ratio of 15:1~20:1. As our 4-stroke engines generate heat much greater compared to popular 2-strokes, such treatment is crucial to not only performance but also engine-life.

Keep in mind poor oil can result your engine broken even during the initial run, below are Saito's recommended Oil brands to use.

Power Model 2T-S

Made by Deluxe Material Ltd

oil recommendation

Download - [ Mix Reference Chart ]

Web: https://www.deluxematerials.co.uk

Web: https://www.morrisminimotors.com

Klotz KL-200

Made by Klots Synthetic Lubricants, Inc.

oil recommendation

Web: http://www.klotzlube.com