Saito High Speed Needle Valve Extension

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High Speed Needle Valve Extension for Saito's FA-56B, FA-56BGK, FA-62B, FA-62BGK, FA-72B, FA-72BGK, FA-91S, FA-91SGK, FA-100, FA-100GK, FA-115, FA-115GK, FA-125A, FA-125AGK, FA-150B, FA-150BGK, FA-180B, FA-180BGK, FA-220A, FA-220AGK, FA-60T, FA-90TS, FA-300TL, FA-90R3, FA-170R3, FA-200R3, FA-450R3D, FA-325R5D, FA-100TI, FA-200TI and FG-21 Four-Stroke Engines.

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Order Code: SAI5086
Manufactured By Saito