Saito FA-100 Four-Stroke Glow Engine

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Product Features

  • Same mounting dimensions as OS91
  • 1.00-size in a .91-size case

Product Description

Want even more punch than even the Saito FA-91S can offer? Then look no further than the Saito FA-100 which gives even more power for a similar size and a marginal increase in weight. The re-designed case shares the same mounting dimensions as the OS 91, making upgrading possible for even more aeroplanes.


Displacement: 17.17cc
Bore: 29mm
Stroke: 26mm
Practical RPM: 2,000 ~ 11,000
Weight: 550g
Recommended Prop: 13 x 9 ~ 15 x 8in
Cylinder: AAC
Power: 2.0HP
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Order Code: SAT100
Manufactured By Saito