Pilot-RC 122in (32%) Decathlon

Pilot-RC 122in (32%) Decathlon - Red/White Colour Scheme
Pilot-RC 122in (32%) Decathlon - Red/White Colour Scheme
Pilot-RC 122in (32%) Decathlon - Red/White Colour Scheme
Pilot-RC 122in (32%) Decathlon - Blue/Red Colour Scheme
Pilot-RC 122in (32%) Decathlon - Blue/Red Colour Scheme
Pilot-RC 122in (32%) Decathlon - Blue/Red Colour Scheme

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Product Features

  • Strong Light Weight Construction, can hover with 55cc engine.
  • Good for aerobatics
  • Professionally covered in Oracover(Ultracote) from Germany
  • Provision for 1 aileron servos per wing, 1 servo for per flap ,1 elevator servos per stab, 1 servos for rudder.
  • Cowl is factory mounted
  • Canister tunnel fits most standard canisters
  • Beautifully machined aluminum wheels and rubber tires
  • Axles and wheelcollars
  • Turnbuckle linkage and ball links
  • Factory hinged ailerons and elevators.
  • Removable rudder
  • Pull-pull rudder system and push push rudder system, you can choose what you like. quickly install in the field. less than 10minutes.
  • Flaps preinstall.

Items Included

  • 2x 1000ml Fuel Tank
  • 2 x Fuel Dot
  • 2 x Fuel Tank Vent, One for Smoke, One for Engine

Please note: Instruction manuals are not supplied with Pilot-RC Kits. Generic manuals are downloadable from macgregor.co.uk or pilot-rc.com

Control horns mentioned within manuals are no longer supplied with Pilot-RC ARF Kits.

Product Description

The Decathlon is manufactured using advanced building techniques for maximum strength and lightest weight. The kit features many premium light weight carbon fibre components, hardware, genuine Oracover(Ultracote) covering, laser cut wood, and the best adhesives. The Decathlon's light weight allows optimum flight performance from exciting aerobatics or just relaxing.

At Pilot they make every effort to provide the highest quality products and customer service. Their goal is a happy customer having a wonderful time assembling and flying Pilot model aircraft.

Carbon Fibre Accessories

  • Painted CF Spinner, which is cut for a 2-blade propeller.
  • Painted Carbon Fibre landing gear
  • CF tailwheel assembly
  • Twin CF wing tubes
  • Twin CF stab tubes


Wingspan: 122 in (3.1M)
Wing Area: 2488 sq in (16055 sq cm)
Fuselage length: 84.5 in (2.15M)
Weight: 24.70 lbs (11.2kg)
Engine Required: 50 - 85cc

Schemes List and Replacement Covering Numbers

Our Order Code Colour Scheme No Scheme Name Oracover Covering No Ultracote Covering No
PIL004 DE-01 Red/White 21-010
PIL005 DE-04 Blue/Red 21-010

Pilot RC is brings Customer Service to a new level!

Free wood part replacements to repair your plane.

Damaged your Pilot-RC plane? Don't worry about it. Send the damaged plane photos to Tony at pilot-rc@139.com and he will send you the pre-cut wood so you can repair it. The pre-cut wood is FREE. You only need to pay the shipping cost. if you want the pre-cut Ultracote covering, Pilot-RC will sell it to you at cost. All replacements are sent directly from the factory in China and shipping costs will be calculated prior to shipment. Offer applies to Pilot-RC airplanes only. Pilot-RC does not have the designs and drawing for other manufacturers parts.

Note: Due to constant design improvements Pilot RC reserves the right to change and modify design specifications without notice. Pilot's goal is to provide you with the highest performing airframes in the world using the latest technology, building techniques and materials.

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Order Code: PIL004 - 005
Manufactured By Pilot-RC

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Pilot-RC 50cc 122in Decathlon flight