Saito FA-325R5D Four-Stroke Glow Engine

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Product Description

Pride of the Saito four stroke fleet, the radial FA-325R5 is perfect for large WW1 models such as the Sopwith Pup or 'Golden Era' aircraft like the Stearman for example. For unbeatable realism, this mighty five cylinder masterpiece is hard to beat.


Displacement: 53cc
Bore: 24.8mm
Stroke: 22mm
Practical RPM: 1,700 ~ 7,500
Weight: 2,400g
Recommended Prop: 20 x 8 ~ 20 x 10in
Cylinder: 10.6cc x 5 AAC
Power: 3.8HP
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Order Code: SAT325R5
Manufactured By Saito