Precision Aerobatics Addiction XL Electric ARF

Precision Aerobatics Addiction XL Electric ARF
Precision Aerobatics Addiction XL Electric ARF
Precision Aerobatics Addiction XL Electric ARF
Precision Aerobatics Addiction XL Electric ARF
Precision Aerobatics Addiction XL Electric ARF
Precision Aerobatics Addiction XL Electric ARF

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Product Specifications

Wingspan: 59in /1500mm
Length: 62.40in /1585mm
Wing Area: 1055 sq. in
Flying Weight: (AUW including batteries & spinner): approx 2080g / 73.4oz /4.58 lbs
Wing Loading: 10.02oz/sq.ft

Recommended Drive System (Not Supplied):

Product Description

As requested by so many flyers, addicted to their smaller size Addiction airframes, we are happy to announce PA's new Addiction XL. With the first Addiction selling over 10,000 (!) planes since its release back in 2007, and still in high demand, the larger Addiction XL means exciting news for any PA flyer.

Yes, it's a larger Addiction, but in many senses this is a new design - like any other PA plane, this too has been taken to a whole new level. Being the third release in 'NEXT Generation PA' it allows you to do a lot more than you would expect. Despite being a 3D plane in every aspect, it is extremely stable and precise - capable of impressive precision aerobatics manoeuvres with a feel much like a 150cc airplane.

Being built using finest grade material, all cut by state-of-the-art laser and CNC machines and utilizing the very latest PA FiberFusion® building techniques, the ADXL is incredibly lightweight and rigid. In fact it is by far the lightest fully-constructed plane in its size.

Don't be misled by the wing span - this model is HUGE. In fact it is PA's first entry into a new class of XL size planes with a wing area of 1,055 sq. inches (similar wing area of most 70" class aerobatic models on the market today).

The size of this plane makes a huge difference in the flying capabilities and flight envelope. The Addiction XL's lightweight and unique aerodynamic design means its iPAs set up (for ultimate hardcore 3D performance) is an economic Thrust 50/Quantum 70 combo with two 2200mAh 3S packs in series, or one small capacity 6S pack. This means you get to fly this massive plane at a very minimal investment compared to other models of its size - then again - there really is nothing like it.

Up until the Addiction XL - when you thought of a 3D dedicated airframe, automatically you would not expect it to track well or perform accurately. The Addiction XL will surprise you as it tracks better than any other Addiction or other 3D plane of its size. The generous tail section means awesome tail authority and the ADXL advanced aerodynamic design allows you to do incredible elevators, knife edge loops, high alpha knife edge, rock steady harriers, the easiest and most impressive rolling harriers, and yet when you go to low rates, its capable of the most beautiful point rolls, and rolling circles. The ADXL is even capable of tricks like one roll circles and loops and beautiful slow rolls that you can take to the length of your flying field!

Engineered for precision flying, the ADXL is a very neutral airframe - you will find zero coupling and no mixing required for precision flying. No CG adjustment required for switching between precision and 3D flying either! The ADXL does beautiful fast knife edge circles, and even knife edge elevators and knife edge waterfalls! Things other planes are not capable of. The flight envelope will keep expanding as you get more and more familiar with the plane, and being a slow flying plane will make new manoeuvres easy to experiment and develop - which guarantees to improve your 3D and precision flying skills.

The ADXL power set up is very responsive allowing you to get out of get out of the most difficult situations with ease. This, combined with its predictability and very slow flying capability, makes it a perfect choice for entering into 3D or you can just enjoy it as an accurate sport plane and build your confidence. Yet in the hands of an advanced 3D pilot - the ground is truly the limit!

The word best describe this plane is FUN and you'll impress anyone at the flying field because the ADXL makes it look so easy!

PA said this before:

"3D is challenging and is fun, and with the right aircraft it is within the grasp of anyone regardless of experience or flying skill!"

The Addiction XL is all about that!

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Order Code: PRAADXLR/P/G
Manufactured By: Precision Aerobatics

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Addiction XL video review by Tom Hintz

Addiction XL flown by Team PA Pilot Michael Wargo

Addiction XL at NEFI 2013 flown by Team PA Pilot Daniel Dominguez