Nieuport 17 EP Electric 60" Wingspan ARF

Nieuport 17 EP Electric 60
Nieuport 17 EP Electric 60
Nieuport 17 EP Electric 60
Nieuport 17 EP Electric 60
Nieuport 17 EP Electric 60
Nieuport 17 EP Electric 60
Nieuport 17 EP Electric 60
Nieuport 17 EP Electric 60
Nieuport 17 EP Electric 60

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Product Features

  • Fits sideways in most cars with the wings attached
  • All assemblies are precovered and all required openings are predrilled and/or precut.
  • The cowl and wheels are prefinished.
  • Each aileron is separately operated by its own servo.
  • True to scale decals
  • Optional scale Machine gun

Product Description

The Nieuport 17 was a French biplane fighter aircraft of World War I, manufactured by the Nieuport company. It had outstanding maneuverability, and an excellent rate of climb. Initially, the Nieuport 17 retained the above wing mounted Lewis gun of the "11", but in French service this was soon replaced by a synchronized Vickers gun. In the Royal Flying Corps, the wing mounted Lewis was usually retained, by now on the improved Foster mounting, a curved metal rail which allowed the pilot to bring the gun down in order to change drums or clear jams. A few individual aircraft were fitted with both guns - but in practice this reduced performance unacceptably, and a single machine gun remained standard.

The type reached the French front in March 1916, and quickly began to replace the smaller Nieuport 11 and 16 in French service. The type went into service with Escadrille N.57 on May 2, 1916. With the British DH.2 the Nieuports were responsible for ending the reign of the Fokker Eindecker - the so-called 'Fokker scourge' period, proving a severe shock to German aviation high command. Most French aces used the nimble Nieuport during their career including Georges Guynemer, Charles Nungesser, Maurice Boyau, Armand Pinsard, Réné Dorme, Gabriel Guerin, Alfred Duellin and Jean Navarre. The type was also used by American volunteers of the Escadrille Lafayette when they replaced their earlier Nieuports.

This ARF from Maxford USA is of the Nieuport-17 is 60" wingspan which is roughly 1/5 scale. The colour scheme of this model is the replica of Réné Dorme's Nieuport-17, who is one of the French aces in WWI.


Wingspan: 60in (1524mm)
Fuselage Length: 57in (1016mm)
Wing Area: 615
Flying Weight: Approx 4lbs 12.oz (2.15Kg)
Power System:  
Propeller: 11 ~ 12" (Or as recommended for your motor)
Battery Required: 3-4S, 3300-4000mAh Li-Po
Radio System: Minimum of 4-Channels with 2 Mini and 2 Micro Servos
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Order Code: MAX045
Manufactured By Maxford USA

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