XG7 - 7 Channel DMSS 2.4GHz Tx with Built-In Telemetry
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This radio heralds the introduction of JR’s very own DMSS 2.4GHz technology. DMSS stands for Dual Modulation Spread Spectrum, which basically means that it operates using a wider spread signal than a traditional ‘frequency hopping spread spectrum’ system (FHSS). By hopping using a widespread signal, DMSS is much more resistant to interference than a conventional frequency hopper.
This stylish transmitter is based on JR’s well-proven X2720 35MHz radio, but with the addition of a scroll bar interface and telemetry. It offers aircraft and helicopter set-ups. A new feature in helicopter mode is the ability to resequence the transmission of the cyclic signals on channels 2, 3 and 6, without waiting for channels 4 and 5 to be processed. This speeds up cyclic response when the XG7 is used for fast 3D flying.
As standard the XG7’s telemetry system monitors receiver battery voltage. When the receiver battery reaches a pre-set level the transmitter will sound a warning. The receiver battery voltage is also shown on the transmitter’s large, clear display.
Additional telemetry sensors for RPM and temperature measurement will be available.
How Spread Spectrum Systems work.
Traditional 2.4GHz FH-SS systems frequency hop over a narrow band.
With RF (radio frequency) noise or competing signals, there is often loss of data during the transmission process.
JR’s all new DMSS 2.4GHz system uses broad band frequency hopping with spread spectrum.
When there is competing RF noise or signals, the transmission signals still arrive intact at the receiver, providing constant, precise, control.
DMSS is the one of the most reliable 2.4GHz systems available, and is the ultimate in Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum systems.
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