JR Propo Transmitters

JR radio systems are best known by passionate RC modelers for their precise response, intuitive programming and superior ergonomics. You really can "Feel the Difference". JR are also innovators in servo, gyro and receiver technology.

jr propo XG14 Tx

XG14 DMSS XBus 14-Channel Tx


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jr propo XG14E Tx

XG14E DMSS X-Bus 14-Channel Tray Tx


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jr propo XG11 Tx

XG11 DMSS 11-Ch Tx (with XBus)


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jr propo XG8 Tx

XG8 DMSS 8-Channel Tx with XBus


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jr propo XG6 Tx

XG6 DMSS 6-Channel Tx with XBus


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