JR Propo RG812BX + XB1-CV4 (V2) 11-Channel Rx Combo

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JR have discontinued the 1131B and 1131BPU receivers so the only current way of having a compact and simple 11 channel receiver system is to use the 812BX and a XB1-CV4 (V2) XBus hub.


Based on the proven RG712BX Receiver, JR's new RG812BX not only features an additional 8th channel, but a unique "hybrid port" that allows the Aux 3 servo ports to be used either as conventional PWM servo ports, or as a direct XBus serial connection. Featuring path diversity antennas for outstanding signal reception, and increased telemetry signal syncing. With path diversity antennas, a remote antenna is not required, but an RA02TL remote may be added to the RG812BX for additional antenna diversity, further enhancing signal reception. The RG812BX allows you to simplify your antenna setup, have the security of full range operation, while still enjoying the benefits of built-in telemetry and XBus functionality.

The RG812BX utilises JR's robust DMSS modulation system that combines attribute from both DSSS and FHSS modulation into a wide-band transmission system with high-speed response and high resistance to RF noise. Also unique to DMSS is JR's Intelligent Output System (IOS), which automatically selects control signals that need to be transmitted simultaneously and delivers the data as one complete signal frame. IOS ensures there is no time delay when commanding servos used for critical functions such as a CCPM swashplate on a helicopter or with an aircraft with multiple servos ganged on a single control surface. This gives a stronger connection in flight and can reduce wear on components, keeping your model flying better, longer.

Not only does this receiver listen, but it talks back as well. DMSS is a bi-directional communication system that delivers real-time telemetry information. Receiver voltage telemetry is standard with every DMSS receiver, and add-on sensors are available to monitor nearly every metric vital to the operation of your mode.


  • Dimensions: 14.5 x 25.5 x 47.5mm
  • Weight: 15g
  • System: DMSS 8-Channel
  • Operating Voltage: 4.5 - 8.5V
  • Two-way communication
  • XBus Compatible
  • Telemetry module equipped
  • Diversity antenna type
  • Remote antenna (1) can be added
  • Full range
  • Long distance telemetry

XB1-CV4 (V2) XBus Hub

XB1-CV1 and XB1-CV4 (V2) are required to use Conventional PWM servos. It converts from the XBus serial data to the PWM signal. And also make these servos capable to memorize individual setting data such as Centering, travel adjust and the setting of other functions.

XB1-CV1 has 1 port output and XB1-CV4 (V2) has 4 of them.

Length: 300mm

RG812BX + XB1-CV4 (V2) Setup Installation

The 812BX features a mixed channel on AUX3 (channel 8). This can be used for either a PWM channel or as an XBus output. In this case it will need to be set to XBus and 'XBUS A' will need to be activated in the XBus menu on the DMSS radio.

The XB1-CV4 (V2) is a 4 channel XBus hub which also converts the XBus signal back into PWM (normal servo language).

With the XB1-CV4 (V2) plugged into the XBus port on the 812BX we now have 7 PWM channels on the main receiver unit and 4 PWM channels on the XBus hub making a total of 11 channels.

  • Compact and lightweight system
  • Combo price is cheaper than the 1131B
  • XBus ready receiver- Future proof
  • Channels easily expandable with the addition of extra XBus hubs
  • Ability to independently name, adjust and match each of the outputs on the XB1-CV4 (V2) wirelessly from a DMSS radio
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Order Code: JRC812CV4
Manufactured By JR Propo