JR Propo Xport Duo Heavy Duty Redundant PWM Converter

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Dual Redundancy System

The XPort Duo provides connection for dual XBus Receivers as well as dual battery packs for the ultimate in redundancy and simplicity.


Dimensions: 19 x 44 x 71mm
Weight: 57g
Operating voltage: 4.5-8.5V
E-Switch (Non-Contact Switch)
Ready assigned: 1-14ch (Assignable)
XBus Link Cable

Unlimited Extendability

The Xport Duo offers 14 assignable PWM ports and 2 standard XBus outputs. By adding optional XBus servo adapters, Hubs or another Xport Duo, the Xport Duo servo connections can be selected as needed to suit any installation requirements.

Assignable 14 Ports

Integrated 14 PWM ports are capable to assign freely the main channels and also the sub IDs.

All the setup can be carried out wirelessly from the DMSS Transmitters (SD update required).

XPort-duo-setup-tx-screen XPort-duo-outputs

Conversion Compatibility: XG14/XG14E/XG11MV/XG11/XG8/XG6

Software Version: This device will be compatible on next Software update

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Order Code: JRC03689
Manufactured By JR Propo