JR Propo XB1-CHB Heavy Duty Centre Hub

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Product Features

  • Heavy Duty Center Hub
  • Supporting Dual Batteries
  • E-Switch (Non-Contact Switch)
  • Supports the stable power supply for aircrafts such as Large Scaled Airplane which use many servos for control.

XB1-CHB has 5 integrated ports of separated power and XBus signal lines. This prevents any power drop even if you use a large number of heavy duty servos.

Its power cables are approximately 7 times thicker than previously used heavy duty wire.

By separating the signal and ultra power lines JR promises the most stable power supply to the receiver and servos ever experienced.

Up to 20 heavy duty servos can have 5 separate power outputs from 2 high capacity power inputs with no impact on the receiver voltage or servos voltages.


Dimensions: 19 x 70 x 105 mm
Weight: 128g
Voltage Range: 4.5V - 8.5V


In addition to the monitoring by Telemetry system, "X-Bus Heavy Duty Center Hub" employs Dual Batteries Connecting Circuit and large-capacity cable to supply the power to the servos stably to avoid the voltage drop when many servos are used such as large aircrafts.

x-bus hub connection diagram
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Order Code: JRC03675
Manufactured By JR Propo