JR Propo TG2.4XP 2.4GHz DMSS Transmitter Module Set with RG613BX

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TG2.4XP 2.4GHz DMSS transmitter module set for JR Propo XG11MV, 11x-Zero, PCM12X and PCM9 series radios. The module set contains a RG613BX 6-Channel DMSS Receiver with XBus (Antenna Diveristy Type). Please ensure you read the opertation manual before using this product.


Telemetry can be used in case you use this set with the following transmitter(s).


Software update required for 11x-Zero (Ver.0002-0000 or upwards) is necessary. Please go to download page in the JR Propo homepage.

Connect the provided adapter pin.

Be sure to set the radio to DMSS Modulation while using this module.

DMSS receivers can be used if this DMSS module is set on the following transmitters.


Be sure to set the radio to PPM Modulation while using this module.

These radios cannot use the Telemetry function.

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Order Code: JRC03642
Manufactured By JR Propo