JR Propo TAGS MINI Gyro with RA03TL Remote Antenna

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Product Features

  • The TAGS Mini is easy to set up. With only three buttons and LED indicators, these and your transmitter are used to quickly and simply configure all required settings.
  • By connecting the RA03TL remote receiver to the TAGS Mini, it receives the DMSS signal directly from the transmitter. Note the TAGS Mini is only compatible with JR DMSS transmitters.
  • The JR high speed telemetry system allows sensor data to be displayed on your transmitter LCD screen.
  • Simple wiring allows the TAGS Mini to be easily installed on your helicopter.
  • The basic settings can be configured using only the buttons on the unit.
  • Using the latest MEMS gyro sensor technology and fast processing provides high performance, flight after flight. Your helicopter will 'lock in' at any altitude, and transition smoothly between manoeuvres.
  • Digital signal transmission enables date to be processed without risk of software failure, and with unmatched speed of processing.
  • Support all common swash types. Sensor direction is configured automatically. Sub trim function included.
  • Tail control gain (6 an 7 channel transmitters) and cyclic gain (8 channel and greater transmitters) can be individually adjusted from the transmitter.
  • JR's default parameters suit a wide variety of models. With no requirement to use a PC.
    However, further flight optimisation is possible using the 'G-Tune' application (and the optional G-Tune adapter cable). The required software can be found on JR's website (http://www.jrpropo.com/english/dl/).


Gyro System Remote Antenna
Model TAGS Mini RA03TL
Supported Swash Systems Mechnical Mix & three servo 120 & 140 CCPM swash systems -
Minimum Radio Requirement 6 Channels -
Rated Voltage 4.5 - 8.5V -
Dimensions & Weight 14 x 25 x 41mm/10g 6 x 19.5 x 32mm/6g
Current Consumption 150mA Maximum -
RF System - 2.4 GHz DMSS
(with Full Range Telemetry Module)

Recommended Servos: DS396 (Swash) | DS3500G (Tail)


  • Gyro Control Unit TAGS Mini x 1
  • Remote Antenna RA03TL x 1
  • DMSS Remote Receiver RG Cable 150mm x 1
  • Bind Plug x 1
  • Double sided tape for fixing sensor unit x 2
  • Operation Manual x 1
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Order Code: JRC02549
Manufactured By JR Propo