JR Propo Three Tail Blade Holder Set ø5mm

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Having extra tail rotor will increase the rudder control speed as well as holding power.

Especially when you are using the 3 main rotor blade, reaction torque is big.

Three tail blade works to restrain that.

Moreover, 3 blades sound is just unique and cool.

Included: Tail center hub, Tail PC plate, Metal tail blade holder, Tail slide ring assembly Tail slide ring sleeve, Blade bolt set

* Note : Tail rotor blade is not included. Please order JRH62017 separately.

Conversion compatibility: Sylphide E12 / SYLPHIDE E12 EX / SYLPHIDE E12 EX FBL / Airskipper 90 / Airskipper 90BB / Airskipper 90CE / Airskipper 90CF / Airskipper E12 / GSR260Z / GSR260Z Sports / GSR260Z Sports FBL

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Order Code: JRH62015
Manufactured By JR Propo