Potenza 60 470Kv High Performance Brushless Motor

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Perfect for all 60 sized models!

The Potenza 60 is great for all 60 class aircraft and it has special features* not found in similar motors that make it optimized for 3D applications.

  • Factory installed bullet connectors
  • Bolt-on Prop Adapter included*
  • X-Mount included
  • Reversible shaft
  • Extra strong 7mm shaft and unique bearing arrangement improve 3D durability*
  • Perfect for Ventique 60E or E-flite® Beast® 60E or any 60 sized plane


Continuous Current:75A with proper cooling
Max Current:90A (<15 seconds)
Rec. Battery:6S LiPo 3300-6200mAh
Weight:427g (15.0oz)
Length & Diameter:62mm x 50mm
Rec. ESC:80A or higher
Rec. Prop:15x8 to 17x7
Shaft size:7mm (0.28")
Connector type:4mm Bullet
Io (no load Amps):2.1A
Ri (resistance):0.02 Ohms
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Order Code: FLEX002
Manufactured By Potenza

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