Potenza C80 AC/DC 80W Multi-Chemistry Charger

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The Potenza C80 charger breaks new ground giving you an intuitive TOUCH SCREEN interface and 80 watts of power at a great price! The C80 Balance Charges, Balance Discharges, and Cycles. This charger has tons of great features!


  • Intuitive TOUCH SCREEN interface with large graphical display!
  • AC/DC operation (110-240VAC, 11-14VDC)
  • 80 Watts charging power (up to 10A)
  • 10 Watts discharging power
  • Charges LiPo (1-6S), LiFe (1-6S), LIon (1-6S), NiMH (1-16C), NiCd (1-16C), Pb (1-10C) chemistries
  • Automatic Lithium Chemistry balance charge cell detection
  • USB power output port (up to 3A) for powering any USB device while charging other batteries
  • 10 pre-programmed memories
  • 8 user memory slots
  • DC Power Supply output mode
  • Servo tester/driver
  • Includes JST-XH balance connectors
  • Includes DC and AC power input chords
  • Variety of charge leads included:
    • EC3
    • EC5
    • Traxxas
    • Deans
    • JST (Red)
    • Futaba
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Order Code: FLEX001
Manufactured By Potenza

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